10-K - Nissan Auto Receivables 2020-A Owner Trust (0001808503) (Filer)

Fri, Jun 28, 5:17 PM (17 days ago)

The 10-K annual report for Nissan Auto Receivables 2020-A Owner Trust, filed for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, provides a comprehensive overview of the entity's compliance and operational status. Key points include: - **Financial Performance**: Specific financial data including revenue, net income, operating expenses, and earnings per share are not detailed in this report. - **Compliance**: The report confirms that all required filings under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 have been completed, and no material instances of noncompliance with servicing criteria were identified. - **Management & Governance**: The report includes certifications and compliance statements from senior management but omits detailed discussions on directors, executive officers, and corporate governance. - **Legal and Market Risks**: No significant legal proceedings or market risks are reported. - **Exhibits and Attachments**: Various agreements and compliance reports are incorporated by reference, confirming adherence to regulatory requirements. Overall, the report indicates strong compliance and operational integrity, with no significant changes or issues impacting the financial condition or market position of the entity.