10-K/A - Enservco Corp (0000319458) (Filer)

Thu, May 23, 8:15 PM (53 days ago)

Enservco Corporation filed Amendment No. 1 to its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023. This amendment updates information initially omitted from the original filing, specifically Items 10 through 14 of Part III, which include details on directors, executive officers, corporate governance, executive compensation, security ownership, and related transactions. Key updates include: 1. **Management and Governance**: The amendment provides detailed biographies of the company's executive officers and directors, highlighting their qualifications and roles within the company. 2. **Executive Compensation**: It outlines the compensation structure for the company's executives, including base salary, bonuses, equity awards, and other benefits. 3. **Related Party Transactions**: The amendment discloses transactions involving related parties, including convertible promissory notes issued to entities controlled by company executives. 4. **Audit Committee**: The composition and responsibilities of the Audit Committee are detailed, emphasizing its role in overseeing financial reporting and internal controls. 5. **Future Outlook and Risks**: The amendment includes forward-looking statements and identifies risk factors that could impact the company's performance. This amendment does not include financial statements or amend any financial disclosures from the original filing.