10-K - CarMax Auto Owner Trust 2021-3 (0001867436) (Filer)

Tue, May 21, 9:18 PM (61 days ago)

The 10-K report for CarMax Auto Owner Trust 2021-3, for the fiscal year ended February 29, 2024, provides a comprehensive overview of the entity's compliance and operational status. Key points include: 1. **Compliance and Reporting**: CarMax Auto Owner Trust has met all required filings under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and has no material instances of noncompliance with servicing criteria, as confirmed by independent attestation reports from KPMG LLP and Ernst & Young LLP. 2. **Legal Proceedings**: There are no pending or known legal proceedings against the Sponsor, Depositor, Indenture Trustee, or Issuing Entity that are material to note holders. 3. **Credit Enhancement**: No external credit enhancement or other support is provided for the pool assets or the asset-backed notes issued by the entity. 4. **Market Position and Financial Condition**: Specific financial data, market position changes, and financial performance metrics are omitted in accordance with General Instruction J to Form 10-K. This report indicates strong compliance and operational integrity, with no significant legal or financial issues impacting the entity.