10-Q - Accolade, Inc. (0001481646) (Filer)

Thu, Jun 27, 9:16 PM (24 days ago)

Accolade, Inc.'s Q1 FY2025 report shows a revenue increase of 18% YoY to $110.5 million, driven by growth in customers and higher service utilization. The net loss narrowed to $27.6 million from $38.4 million YoY, reflecting improved operational efficiency. Cost of revenue rose 8% to $58.6 million, primarily due to increased personnel and third-party service costs. Operating expenses increased slightly by 3% to $80.9 million, with notable rises in sales and marketing expenses. Adjusted EBITDA improved significantly, reducing the loss to $3.3 million from $12.6 million YoY. Cash and marketable securities totaled $230.6 million, with management confident in funding operations for the next 12 months. The company continues to focus on expanding its customer base and enhancing its technology platform to drive future growth.